Residence Life

Approximately 70% of Wayland students live on campus in the four residence halls. Students from all around the world live, eat, study, and hang out together in this family community. Each day student is affiliated with a residence hall and is fully involved in school life. Our students gain independence and learn study skills, time management, resilience, compassion, and a whole host of other important skills during their Wayland experience. Students learn all this while still having a lot of fun!

Choosing to come to boarding school takes some courage and a leap of faith. Fortunately, when students come to Wayland, they are surrounded by a campus family that will support and encourage them along the way. Faculty/student relationships are strong here. Every student has a faculty mentor to monitor his or her academic and social success. If students are ill or injured, our caring nurses at the Health Center are there to help. Our dedicated faculty, student leaders, staff, and administration are there to ensure that students always have support when they need it!

The majority of faculty members live on campus, either in the halls or in the row of faculty houses on Franklin Street. Several faculty members have families, with children living on campus or visiting the campus often. Many students think of and treat the faculty children like younger siblings. A couple of faculty members were "campus kids" themselves and grew up at Wayland. Others are Wayland alumni, and still others have enjoyed a long tenure at Wayland. This longtime affinity for the school, combined with the multi-generational experience, further supports the family atmosphere on campus.